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English Name: Blue Chamomile, German Chamomile

Scientific Name: Matricaria chamomilla L.

Family: Compositae

Chamomile is annual aromatic herb growing up to 60 to 90 cm tall in height, multi-branched.

Leaves compound; leaflets slightly hairy with minute lobes. Petiole internally hollow; externally covered by green colored leaves.

Chamomile flower

Flowers can be harvested three times annually. Generally, flowers are harvested March onwards.

Radius of Flower is 1.3 to 2.5 cm, outer sepals are white and inner petals are yellow in color. Flower has very sweet smell. Smell is continued even in dry flower.

Harvesting Chamomile

This plant is exotic to Nepal. In Nepal, cultivated in lower plains of Tarai from 500 to 1800 m.


Valuable essential oil, Chamomile oil is extracted from its flower. The oil is used in food materials including drinks, chocolates, in cosmetics and in soaps and shampoos. Flower is also used in tea. It has medicinal value also.

Farmers growing chamomile in large scale in Nepal

Its properties are soothing to the skin, good for indigestion, insomnia and relaxing the mind. Nepal Chamomile oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are greater than in Roman chamomile because of the higher percentage of azulene.

Farmers are extracting oil from chamomile flower

Packing on aluminum containers and epoxy-lined metallic barrels are available.