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Chiuri Butter

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English Name: Nepal Butter Tree

Scientific Name: Diploknema butyracea (Roxb.) H.J. Lam

Nepali Name: Chiuri चिउरी

Family: Sapotaceae

Chiuri tree is a member of Sapotaceae family. It is a deciduous, medium size tree about 20 meters tall in height and native to Nepal. Leaves petioled, 14 to 30 cm long, 7 to 16 cm broad, raised in clusters from the tip of the branches, upper surface smooth, lower leaf surface hairy. Flower yellow, stalked, raised in clusters from the tip of the branches.

Chiuri seed

The tree produces flowers from November to January and fruits from April to June and propagates by seeds. Seed swollen in center and slightly tapers towards end. Fruit carp light yellow, brown in color, broken in few places and white part or ghee is seen from broken part. Ghee is whitish yellow in color. It grows mainly in the sub-Himalayan tracts on steep slopes, ravines and cliffs at an altitude of 300 to 1,500 meters from east to west Nepal. Farmers harvest fruits from July to August.

Chiuri tree growing in Community Forest

The main product of the tree is ghee or butter, extracted from the seeds and popularly known as “Chuiri Butter”. It is estimated about 35-40% of oil can be extracted from fully ripe dried seeds and based on the amount.

AHP has become successfully export quality butter supply in Italy, France, Belgium, Japan sicne 2008. AHP has done continuous research and development work since last 13 years and produce Herbal soap from Chuiri butter.

Uses: Fruit, leaves, seed and bark are useful. It is used in the preparation of soap, oil, candles and ghee. Its bark is used as poison in fishing and leaves are used to prepare local plates called “doona tapari” in which rice and curry are served.


Traditional uses of Chuiri Butter in Nepal

  • Pulp can be consumed as a refreshing juice and provides significant nutritional value.
  • Juice can be boiled to create a liquid sugar alternative
  • Butter can be used to cook as a substitute to vegetable oil after extracting saponin.
  • Juice and seed oils can be used to treat rheumatic pain, indigestion and skin infections for treatment of headaches
  • Resin of Churi can be used as glue to trap insects and as a pesticide

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Middle East, Gulf Countries, Asia Pacific Countries, USA, EU, Scandinavian Countries, Canada, China