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English Name: Lemongrass

Scientific Name: Cymbopogon

Nepali Name: लेमनग्रास

Family: Poaceae

Lemongrass is a tall tropical grass. The fresh stalks and leaves have a clean lemon like odour which contains an essential oil. Leaf is long and sharp edges. It can be harvested three to five times a year and lasted for three to four years.

It can be grown in Southeast Asia, Central Africa and the US.



Lemongrass stems are also used in tea and pickles as flavoring content. Essential oil is used in perfumery. Rich in citral, Lemongrass is said to relieve digestive problems. It promote sleep, relieve pain and boost immunity.

Traditionally it is used as insect repellent, massage on foot and head and other stress related problems.

Supplied country:

Middle East, Gulf, Asia, Asia Pacific, USA, EU, Scandinavian, Canada, China, India