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French Basil

Category : Essential Oils, Natural Product
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English Name: French Basil

Scientific Name: Ocimum basilicum

Nepali Name: Babari बाबरी

Family: Lamiaceae

Basil is a strongly aromatic annual growing to about twenty to thirty inches in height. In Hinduism, it is revered as a sacred herb of the wife of the god who preserves life. It is often planted around temples and courtyards.

Today, basil is used mainly as a culinary herb. Its medicinal value is not as widely appreciated in the Western world.

French Basil

Traditionally, Basil has been used to treat;

anxiety and tension, coughs and colds, digestive disorders, headaches and migraines, indigestion, insect bites and stings, menstrual cramps, sinusitis, sore throats and more

When inhaled in steam, it relieves nasal congestion. Basil is also used in some skin ointments and promoted as a treatment for acne.

Basil tea is said to be relaxing, and, when taken in the evening, helps to promote sleep.

Chewing a couple of leaves before a meal helps to stimulate the appetite; and a tea taken after a meal promotes digestion by increasing the flow of gastric juices, while reducing gas and bloating.

In Chinese medicine, basil is used for disturbances in renal function, gum ulcers, and as a hemostyptic both before and after birth.

The aroma of the essential oil refreshes the mind and stimulates a sense of smelled
dueled by viral infection. In massage oil it eases the over worked muscles.

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