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English Name: Spikenard

Scientific Name: Nardostachys grandiflora DC.

Nepali Name: Jatamasi जटामसी

Family: Valerianaceae

Found in high Himalayan region throughout Nepal but dense in western part of the country, Jatamasi is highly traded to India. It is distributed from 3,600 to 5,000 meter from sea level. Jatamasi found in a mix forest area of Juniper, Rhododendron, shrub lands and grazing lands.

Jatamasi area

This 10-60 cm tall herbs rhizome covered by fibrous stalks can harvest from October to November after seed dispersal.


Essential oil is used commercially in cosmetics and perfumes industry. Traditionally Jatamasi is used to treat fevers and the early stages of illness. It is also used on many skin related disease.

Oil is obtained by steam distillation of dried rhizomes.

Dried Jatamasi plant

Other uses:

  1. Skin Care: Allergies, inflammation, mature skin (rejuvenating), rashes.
  2. Nervous system: Insomnia, nervous indigestion, migraine, stress and tension
  3. In perfumery such as oriental bases, heavy florals, foug eres, woody bases, animal amber types, etc; in flavors as a modifier for valerian, hop, ginger, calamus, cardamom, etc.

Government regulation: Banned to export from Nepal in raw form. Government of Nepal allows only the export of essential oil on limited quantity.